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looking for an instructor?

As an experienced dancer and commissioned choreographer, I love

teaching and am able to teach a variety of classes to a wide range

of students. 

Available to teach classes based in...​

Contemporary Phrase Work, Contemporary Ballet, Lyrical, Ballet Technique, Composition/Choreography, Modern Floor Work, Modern Phrase Work, Improvisation, Leaps/Turns, Conditioning... and more!

From observing my teachers and choreographers from the age of two, I have been able to see and experience a variety of teaching methodologies, styles, and techniques, and have been able curate these unique ideas into a personal teaching curriculum.  Throughout my dancing career, I have been given the tools to create an effective lesson plan; one that empowers and enables each student to feel safe, open, and investigatory. Young dancers inspire me daily, which is why I love teaching. Young dancers are the future of dance, so I think it is important and necessary to share knowledge and guidance that I wish I was getting at that age. I strive to create a classroom filled with mutual respect and care -- I love diving deep into answering students' questions and eagerly accept feedback for any and all classes. I encourage the students to focus on what they connect to and find most interest in. After all, my classes are for the students! 
Please contact for specific rates.
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