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FERROUS [for us]

FERROUS [for us]

Originally premiered in 2017, this piece explores magnetism through the loss of identity. Researching the loss of the individual through the concept of similar yet different, this piece is a conversation of the loss of a relationship between the dancers. This duet was originally created to be viewed in the round to heighten the magnetic forces between the audience and the dancers, giving the audience an up-close and personal viewing of the dancers relationship, as well as inviting the audience to become a part of the relationship. Once selected for the Fall Dance Concert in 2018, this work was re-configured to become viewed in the proscenium setting. 

Estimated run time: 6 minutes

Number of Dancers: 2

Originally premiered in an in-the-round setting for Choreography Salon 2017,

selected and reworked for a proscenium stage setting for Elon University's Fall Dance Concert in 2018.

Photography credit to Tony Spielburg.

Original Cast: Meg Boericke, Olivia James, Brittany Pappaconstantinou.

Mentored by Renay Aumiller and Gerri Houlihan.

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