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the arrival.

the arrival.

Originally structured to be a group piece of five dancers, this composition researches how your emotional state can distort your reality of time, and specifically how anger is often an umbrella composed of multiple layers of emotions. Formerly composed into three sections, "the event" (the thing that is causing your emotional state), "the arrival" (the onset of your emotions due to the event), and "the _____." the onset of anger. Under the direction of Perception Dance, the Elon University Class of 2020 BFA Dance Performance and Choreography majors had to brainstorm new ideas to present our culmination of our four years at university to comply with the restrictions that COVID-19 presented to us in Spring 2020. Through the idea of quarantine, I restructured the idea of composing "the arrival" through a self-choreographed dance film solo that showcases the stages of grief throughout this turbulent, uncertain, and uncharted territory of quarantine during a global pandemic. This solo premiered in 2020 in a virtual showcase composed of seven other self-choreographed dance film solos under the direction of Perception Dance. 


      -Official Finalist for the IODC 2020, an international dance and choreography festival.

       -Official Selection and Screened in the HOMEGROWN Choreography Festival in July 2020.

Estimated run time: 4.5 minutes

Number of Dancers: 1

Premiered in "All Things Must Pass", an online showcase for the Elon University BFA Dance Performance and Choreography Senior Seminar under the name Perception Dance in 2020.

want to see more about the original group piece?

Photography credit to Shelby Durham.

Original Cast: Shelby Durham.

Mentored by Renay Aumiller, Casey Avaunt, and Jen Guy Metcalf.

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