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Originally premiered in 2018, this piece explores the moral obligations of a cult and crowd psychology. The idea of mob mentality is showcased through the research of Gustave Le Bon and how crowds exist through three stages, submergence, contagion and suggestion. The work is heavily influenced by the loss of responsibility of the individual and the impression of the universality of behavior. Often working with extremes, this piece was inspired by the current political climate and how as a society we have become desensitized to extreme news stories. 


     -Selected as a finalist for the IODC 2020, an international dance and choreography festival.

      -Official Selection for the EXCHANGE Choreography Festival 2020

Estimated run time: 6.5 minutes

Number of Dancers: 6

Originally premiered in a proscenium setting for Choreography Salon 2018,

selected and reworked for a thrust stage setting for Elon University's Fall Dance Concert in 2019.

Photography credit to Tony Spielburg.

Original Cast: Kate Axness, Meg Boericke, Isabel Ganovsky, Olivia Haskell, Marissa Mahoney, Olivia Walton, Hannah West.

Mentored by Renay Aumiller and Gerri Houlihan.

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